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Heinz Dinter, PhD

Editor & Publisher

November 18, 2013


Mr. Michael B. Steinbach

Special Agent in Charge

FBI, Miami Division

16320 Northwest Second Avenue

North Miami Beach, FL 33169-6508





Dear Mr. Steinbach


This correspondence and the attached 51-page manuscript (Please click here) serve to bring to your attention the results of my investigative research for an assessment of mortgage fraud prosecution involving massive mortgage fraud and conspiracy to commit mortgage fraud alleged to be perpetrated by the following six individuals residing in Miami:

1.      P***** H*****

2.      N******* H*****

3.      J**** G*****

4.      G*** F*******

5.      M******** F***** and

6.      D***** B*****.

Dear Reader
Brutal censorship by self-serving interests, threats against me, and the desperate efforts of the subjects to hide the truth has forced me to obliterate the identity of the subjects.
If you wish to assist in this matter, please contact the FBI at Miami@ic.fbi.gov or call 305-944-9101.
Do you wish to read the uncensored version of my letter to the FBI?

The composite of my investigative reports is attached hereto as a PDF file. My correspondence to you, the composite of my articles, and the supporting information are also published at www.GrandLifestyle.com, my primary website, under the title, “A Plea For Action Addressed To The FBI.” The composite of articles is also published at www.BringTruthToLight.net* under the title, “The H***** Group Lair of Mortgage Fraud.” I also submit these reports to you as hard copies via the U.S. Postal Service if desired.


This composite consists of the following 7 articles:

·        The H***** Group Lair of Mortgage Fraud

·        The Developer Is Your Lord and Master

·        First Guilty Plea Caps 8-Year Perseverance

·        T** G**** Nest of Lawlessness Penetrated: P***** H***** and K**** A******** Plead Guilty In U.S. Federal Court Sentenced to Pay Stiff $800,000 Fine

·        O serpent heart hid with a flowering face and fraudster in our midst?

·        When conscience weighs in as a heavy burden

·        A clever, but simple mortgage fraud scheme using chutzpah and conspiracy.


I became personally acquainted with P***** H***** and G*** F******* more than 20 years ago when my investigative journalism on behalf of the unit owners and tenants of T** G**** condominium in Miami resulted in my article, “The Developer Is Your Lord and Master,” published in the November/December 1992 issue of Grand Lifestyle magazine serving T** G**** community. Subsequent investigation by the FBI (S.A. Mike Klein) concluded on December 17, 1998 with the guilty plea for mortgage fraud and payment of an $800,000 fine sentenced by The Honorable Joan A. Lenard, U.S. District Judge, in Case 98-639-CR-LENARD in the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida in Miami (please see below).


Explanatory comments pertaining to the creation of these reports are necessary and will shed additional light on the H***** Group’s activities and my struggles to bring the truth to light.


When I became a resident at T** G**** (then called the V******) in 1989, I volunteered my journalistic services and published Grand Lifestyle (initially in printed form and then online) to report on the activities in T** G****. Not long thereafter P***** H***** purchased the controlling interest in T** G**** (consisting of 810 residential condominium units, a 152-room hotel, the H***** D********* G****, and 80,000 square feet of retail space) and with it the condominium association’s absolute control over the board of directors (Mr. H***** controls 4 votes on the 7-member board of directors).


I researched and published numerous articles detailing P***** H***** related wrongdoings, exploitation, civil rights violations, and immigration law abuses of and pertaining to T** G****’s residential unit owners and tenants, and employees. The result? I was forced to face P***** H***** and his many associates and subordinates in six (6) lawsuits; the first struck me in 1993 and the last was initiated in 2007:

(1) Case No. 93-11817 CA 03;

(2) Case No. 93-25497 FC 45;

(3) Case No. 94-22543 CA 03;

(4) Case No. 95-04319 CA 04;

(5) Case No. 95-0802-CIV-MORENO;

(6) Case No. 07-11842 CA 20.


The causes of action focused on defamation and injunctive relief. These lawsuits in state court and in federal court were adjudicated by more than six judges and never (not once!) resulted in a guilty verdict against me. When The Honorable Daryl Trawick found no grounds to find me guilty of defamation in the last case (P***** H***** et al. vs. Heinz Dinter et al., Case No. 07-11842 CA 20), plaintiffs P***** H***** and G*** F******* offered to settle the case. I accepted.


However, peace did not last very long. When unit owners of the condominium hotel, The Bentley, on South Beach presented me with a long list of documentation reporting on wrongdoings at the H*****-F*******-controlled hotel and its condominium association, and asked me to communicate with G*** F******* who was the condominium association’s president and intimate business partner of P***** H*****, and N******* H***** (P*****’s daughter and general manager of The Bentley), I agreed and delivered the 68-page white paper to Messrs. F******* and H***** accompanied by my assurance that this document was a private communication and was not made available to anyone else.


P***** H***** and G*** F******* hastily took the opportunity to wrongly accuse me of “publishing” this document and filed a motion to hold me in contempt of court in violation of the agreement I had entered into with the two plaintiffs, and in which I agreed to no longer publish anything about the H***** clan’s activities.


After a total of five “emergency” motions for contempt of court, including a petition to the court to have me incarcerated, and when that failed, to fine me $1.7 million dollars, the last contempt hearing took place on January 31, 2012 at which P***** H***** committed perjury and I strenuously objected to no avail, which resulted in the 11-page order of the court of March 7, 2013 (Please click here), again holding me in contempt of court. My 13-page response and objection to this order and my motion for recusal have been ignored (Please click here).


The Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick erred when he signed his June 22, 2009 order agreeing with P***** H***** and G*** F*******, and holding me in contempt of court. (I hasten to observe the judge admitted his June 22, 2009 misinterpretation of the definition “publish” four years later on pages 6 and 7 of his March 7, 2013 contempt ruling.) My written objection filed with the court was ignored and I was forced to devote focused energies to my relentless campaign of defending myself against these false charges and error-filled court ruling, and initiated efforts to seek support for my defense outside the court.


The court’s contumacious clinging to its erroneous ruling of June 22, 2009 and his subsequent rulings, including the March 7, 2013 order, has been taken advantage of by P***** H***** and G*** F******* in their intensive efforts to hide the truth of their marauding and fraudulent activities, their war of ruthless vengeance against me, and has caused me significant and irreparable harm.


I have presented these investigative reports to all parties (P***** H*****, G*** F*******, D***** B*****, N******* H*****, J**** G*****, and M******** F*****) with the request for verification of facts (please see the facsimile of the emails submitted on November 2, 2013 and November 13, 2013). I have not received a response from either party.


Aside from cooperating in stemming the devastating and rising tide of mortgage fraud, I take a keen interest in saving The Coconut Grove Playhouse in Miami which is facing the danger of annihilation and losing its venerable position in the history of theater, and the E.W.F. Stirrup House in Coconut Grove which represents a significant symbol of African-American heritage.


The ultimate miscarriage of justice does not lie with the possible imposition of a $1.7 million dollar fine or imprisonment. P***** H***** and G*** F******* are now using Judge Dresnick’s March 7, 2013 court order to cause severe damage to the integrity and worldwide legal standing of the Internet of the World Wide Web by — driven by the self-serving motive to hide contemptible wrongdoing, exploitation of innocent people, and violation of the laws of the United States and Canada — improperly using this 11-page legal document to mislead world-renown servants of the Internet to prevent the truth from being brought to light. The world-renown Internet service providers 1&1 Internet, Justhost, Alibabahost, and Google are already victims of the H*****-F******* fraud and conspiracy.


My 51-page composite of articles presented for an assessment of mortgage fraud prosecution is the result of carefully and thoroughly conducted research with the supporting data having been primarily supplied by the Miami-Dade County Public Records.


I hasten to add that my 20-plus year involvement in the life at T** G**** and, consequently, my interaction with P***** H*****, G*** F*******, attorney D***** B*****, and their associates and families have prompted many, many investigations and resulted in a very large number of articles that have been published in Grand Lifestyle magazine, www.GrandLifestyle.com, and several other websites.


My 55-year involvement in the growth of computer technology beginning in 1958 when I was assigned to attend a school to learn data processing while serving in the United States Air Force and the evolvement of the Internet blessed me with the tools to reach out to the public with information and education.


Evil forces employed trickery to thwart my efforts and the efforts of others who published about the activities of P***** H*****, G*** F*******, and their associates. The following websites I have come to know (some were published by me and some were administered by others) have been rudely silenced:

·        www.GrandLifestyle.com

·        www.condoMarauders.com

·        www.H*****-F*******-Investigation.info

·        www.H*****-F*******-Leaks.com

·        www.P*****H*****Plunder.com

·        www.H*****GroupFraud.com

·        www.TheTruthWillSetTheCoconutGrovePlayhouseFree.org

·        www.CoconutGroveRape.org

·        www.BringTruthtoLight.net.


P***** H*****’s relentless effort to scuttle the truth of his misdeeds from reaching the public and coupled with his success of doing so because of the carelessly provided cooperation of Internet service providers leaves me with only one option: turn over all results of my 20-plus years of research to the authorities for action. This correspondence only refers to the crime of mortgage fraud. Many articles published in my now-silenced websites and blog reveal misdeeds of other natures and also document the exploitation and civil rights abuses of condo dwellers.


Of all the ups and downs I have experienced in my active participation as a system developer and subsequently as an enthusiastic user of cyber technology, I feel ashamed to now be a manipulated participant in the shameful abuse of power by immoral forces who are succeeding in manipulating conscience-discerning stalwarts of the cyber kingdom expected to lead the way in creating a World Wide Web in the service to all people of good will and depriving evil people pursuing self-serving interests the use of the Internet, to wit:


1.      My service to the community for the past 15 years offering services to the community via the Internet was brutally brought to an end by P***** H***** whose weapon to accomplish this feat was a court order issued by a Miami circuit court judge who was mislead by false testimony and improperly applied influence. The German Internet service provider 1&1 Internet who hosted my websites for many years let its guard down and carelessly sided with P***** H*****’s admission issued by his G***** H***** real estate conglomerate that my website contents “are an issue for us.” My websites were shut down, forcing me to seek another host.

2.      Justhost welcomed me with open arms, but turned against me when the H***** clan waved the error-filled court order issued by Judge Ronald Dresnick and made false claims which again convinced the Internet hosting company I am committing an unlawful act dictating the closing down of my websites.

3.      A stunning disappointment reared its ugly head when the venerable Google Inc., perhaps the most admired company in my inventory, without fair notice and without offering me a defense, shut down my blog, www.GrandLifestyle.blogspot.com. My plea for fair play and taking into consideration that the Google action tossed a brutal blow to my efforts of many years to assist other victims of abuse. Please see my message, “Dear Google Blogger Team,” below.

4.      The last and perhaps most shameful and reckless action to hide from public view the fraudulent activities of P***** H***** and his clan, took place on November 15, 2013: www.BringTruthToLight.net was shut down by Alibabahost.


Neither of the above four companies made their decision to block access to the Internet (several websites had absolutely nothing to do with P***** H***** or any of his associates; one, for example, www.EvergladesEden.org, stands up for the protection and welfare of abandoned animals) based on the facts; they failed to read the court order and asked one simple question: Did “Heinz Dinter” violate any laws or rules of the Internet service company, especially as it pertains to any of the websites and blogs summarily taken down? Frankly, comparing the actions of all four companies reveals no difference from dictatorial brutality practiced by despots as documented in our history books. In most simple terms, the actions of Messrs. Mauss’s, Ravichandran’s, Page’s, and Alibabahost CEO’s are those of collaborators despised in wars waged by ruthless forces.


When Google summarily removed my entire blog — most postings dealt with issues totally unrelated to the H***** clan — I sent an email of protest to Google. What once I respected as a team of avant-garde cyber pioneers didn’t even extend me the courtesy of acknowledging my email communication sent in reply to their blunt notice “we have removed content previously located at: http://www.grandlifestyle.blogspot.com/.” Just like the previous notices of removal from the other Internet service companies, Google referred to a court order with the message, “A copy of the court order we received is attached.” No court order was ever attached by any of the four companies causing me to speculate that Judge Ronald Dresnick’s 11-page order of March 7, 2013 was the bait surreptitiously employed to silence me. Was I the subject of a Kristallnacht? My blog posting, “Cybernacht serves as a shocking and thought-provoking reminder,” was burned to a crisp by Google, preventing the whole world to read the truth of despotic brutality.


Why did highly respected companies serving the Internet fall victim to real estate tycoon desperadoes? A simple answer points the accusing finger at apathy, lack of conscience, and the waning pride in professional correctness. I dare to reach deeper. Has once highly acclaimed objectivity and commitment to “We who labor here seek only the truth” fallen victim to apathy on the bench, to bias favoring those who predominantly finance election and re-election campaigns, or to simply ignore non-lawyers appearing before the bench, or to prejudicial treatment with and without fueling incentives marring the delivery of justice?


All four companies failed to heed Warren Buffett’s wisdom (“You cannot make a good deal with a bad guy.”) and now must face this stern warning: You risk becoming a victim of evil when you mistake riches for success.


Here is my email message of protest addressed to Google:

Dear Google Blogger Team,

Your action on October 30 removing my blog, www.GrandLifestyle.blogspot.com, in its entirety from the Internet — and doing so without warning — shocked me profusely and prompts me to advise you of the following.

1.      I have not violated Google’s Terms of Service: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/terms/ and Google’s Content Policy: http://www.blogger.com/content.g.

2.      I vehemently oppose appeasing those who object to Internet content just because such content “is a major issue for us.”

3.      My investigative journalism has been subjected to six (6) lawsuits by the P***** H***** forces in the past 20 years in attempts to silence me and punish me for alleged defamation. None of these attempts succeeded.

4.      The court order you are referring to (The Honorable Ronald Dresnick’s ruling of March 7, 2013) does not order you to do what you did. I repeat, it does not!

5.      The court order does not order you, or anyone, to remove from the Internet my discussions of (a) how a septuagenarian widow was being cheated by a roofer following a Florida hurricane that had demolished her home; (b) how I struggled with a vendor of backup software for my computer whose product nearly destroyed many, many years of my work; (c) how I exposed an email list service scammer who took my money without delivering promised service; (d) how I exposed a real estate salesman who tried to steal an octogenarian woman’s property; and there are more blog posts of my dealing with the wrongdoings of immoral people.

6.      Thanks to the blogging services provided by Google, the widow had her home’s roof repaired at the quoted price; I saved the intellectual property on my computer; the email scammer returned the money I had paid; and the senior citizen did not lose her property.

7.      My struggles with the P***** H***** clan reach back more than 20 years when my journalistic endeavors discovered and reported mortgage fraud, the FBI picked up on the story, and a guilty plea in federal court lead to an $800,000 fine. Today, I documented anew massive mortgage fraud which will again be subject to an FBI investigation because of the federal nature of the crime when Fannie Mae is involved (that’s our money which we pay our government in the form of federal taxes).

8.      The attached 51-page manuscript offers many details of my investigations of the P***** H***** activities.

9.      Until appropriate authority steps into the fray, I shall abide by your decision to have all blog postings referencing P***** H***** removed from www.GrandLifestyle.blogspot.com. Either you give me sufficient time to do so or you will remove those postings.

10.  However, I trust your fairness and compassion will not serve those wrongdoers I made reference to, and you will restore www.GrandLifestyle.blogspot.com.

I look forward to your understanding and my continual loyalty to Google and its many outstanding services.

Signed [Heinz Dinter, PhD]

Google did not extend me even the courtesy of a response.


The Honorable William M. Hoeveler, Senior U.S. District Court Judge in Miami has expressed his concern about the relationship of attorneys with criminal enterprises: “[Prosecutors and courts] are correctly concerned about … permitting criminal enterprises to benefit from the protection which derives from a longstanding and continuing relationship with a skilled defense attorney.”


Today’s evermore increasing influence of cyber technology on our way of life calls for a revitalized impetus of calling on the conscience of our cybertech leaders: The public is correctly concerned about permitting criminal enterprises to benefit from the protection which derives from an ever-growing and continuing relationship with skilled cyber technology entrepreneurs.


Though I advocate keeping the public informed about the misdeeds of condo marauders and wrongdoers in our midst, the key to dealing with unlawful activities is prosecution by the appropriate authorities. The issues I have addressed here, the result of my journalistic reporting, deal with mortgage fraud and the tie-in to Fannie Mae. That makes it a federal issue investigated by the FBI. There are other activities dealing with the unlawful pursuit, some within the purview of the FBI and others investigated by the ATF, etc.


Perhaps my objectivity has at times been challenged by the ruthlessness of the H***** clan. I do, however, state unequivocally that every statement ever made and published, and presented as an alleged fact, never was anything but the truth and has withstood the frequent challenges in the court of law.


All my struggles against the H***** juggernaut have always been carried out single-handedly in David versus Goliath fashion. That included all six lawsuits in which I faced P***** H***** and G*** F*******, and their armada of lawyers, oftentimes paid for by others instead of the deep pockets of P***** H***** like T** G**** Condominium Association. I did not succumb.


Who should be blamed for and could have corrected the prostitution of justice exemplified by the March 7 court order? I should. Simply filing my response and objection to the court’s order and moving for the recusal of the presiding judge, and then permitting my 13-page filing with the court’s clerk linger in the catacombs of the Miami courthouse deserved my challenge to be ignored. Perhaps I simply paid the price of lacking legal training. Perhaps!


But life’s cruel wheels turn relentlessly. When P***** H***** faced criminal indictment for committing mortgage fraud, he hired a high-powered, highly competent, and high-priced Miami attorney to let his company plead guilty and pay an $800,000 fine.


I don’t have a million dollars (the fee supposedly paid to the attorney hired by H*****) to bring a competent attorney into the fray and unravel the roots of the problem.


Strategic direct action and civil disobedience such as strikes, sit-ins and occupations can expose injustice, slow down or stop harmful practices and win specific demands. Egregious actions have preoccupied the media in recent times. I have been part of neither; my actions have been loyal to bringing the truth to light and, I quickly add, never (not once!) have defamed anyone. (Defamation is the act of harming the reputation of another by making a false statement to a third person.)


A strong judiciary is a significant answer. I expressed my views in an address to the Florida Supreme Court and in “Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the Chamber of Justice” re-published at www.GrandLifestyle.com.


P***** H*****’s latest move consists of hiring a team of three new attorneys who on November 7 filed a “motion for issuance of a writ of bodily attachment” on the grounds that my “extreme statements, and their per se defamatory nature, have persisted for seven (7) years, resulting in substantial negative impact on Plaintiffs’ otherwise sterling reputation.”


The truth is as follows: the defamatory nature was created by P***** H***** via his personal conduct and not by my reporting the truth. If the use of “sterling” refers to “thoroughly excellent” as given in a dictionary, then I leave it to others to be judge.


My 76 years on this earth — with one score and 4 years devoted to T** G**** struggle for fairness and justice — long for a life pre-occupied by peace of mind. Never before have I called on others to take prosecutorial action; I carried out the mission of an investigative journalist and informed the public. Today, driven by the relentless efforts of P***** H*****, I hand over the results of my work and pray justice will be served.


I am prepared to subject myself to the penalties of perjury in support of the information published here and in this 51-page document, and offer further cooperation.


Sincerely yours,


Heinz Dinter, PhD


c:  The Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick

     Governor Rick Scott

     Attorney General Pam Bondi

     Mayor Carlos Gimenez

     Mayor Tomás Regalado

     Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera

     Director of Cultural Affairs Michael Spring

     Commissioner Xavier Suarez

     Oliver Mauss, CEO, 1&1 Internet

     Hari C. Ravichandran, CEO, Endurance International Group

     Larry Page, CEO, Google Inc.

     CEO, Alibaba Host

     The Media


Enclosures:       1. 51-page composite of 7 documents   Please click here

2. 11-page March 7, 2013 Order Finding Defendant Heinz Dinter in Contempt
    of Court and Imposing Sanctions Against Heinz Dinter of One Thousand
    Dollars   Please click here

                        3. 13-page March 13, 2013 Dinter’s Response and Objection to the Order Finding
                            Defendant Heinz Dinter in Contempt of Court and Imposing Sanctions Against
                            Heinz Dinter of One Thousand Dollars and Heinz Dinter’s Motion for Recusal
                            of The Honorable Ronald C. Dresnick   Please click here


*The website www.BringTruthToLight.net was suspended on November 15, 2013 in response
    to a false and self-serving complaint by the H***** Group charging “defamation of character
    with Court order to cease and desist.” I do not know if the Canadian company G***** H*****
    again claimed “is major issue for us” as they did when appealing to 1&1 Internet.


PS: A word of explanation regarding the list of copy recipients is in order.


Judge Ronald Dresnick has been in the center of the race to hide illicit activities and keep law enforcement authorities in the dark. The H***** Group influence on the court by securing court rulings under false and dishonest circumstances cannot be ignored and, because of its gravity,  must be brought to the attention of the Florida Supreme Court, perhaps even to the United States Supreme Court because the issues are of major public significance.


Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, City of Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, Majority Leader Carlos Lopez-Cantera, Director of Cultural Affairs Michael Spring, and Commissioner Xavier Suarez are key decision makers in The Coconut Grove Playhouse debacle and have previously been informed of the dangers to the Playhouse and the Coconut Grove neighborhood emanating from P***** H***** and G*** F******* moves relating to the Playhouse, the E.W.F. Stirrup House, and the nearby neighborhood.


The cybertech leaders, 1&1 Internet CEO Oliver Mauss, Endurance International Group CEO Hari Ravichandran, Google CEO Larry Page, and Alibaba Host’s CEO are responsible for their companies’s fair and proper use of the Internet, but have become tools in the H***** Group’s massive campaign to hide the truth about their unlawful and immoral activities whilst Miami’s citizens suffer.


The media must learn what is happening in the world of cybertech and the manipulation of the truth on the Internet.






Confirmation of Verification of Facts


Neither request for verification of facts has been responded to.


From: Heinz Dinter, PhD [mailto:hdinter@grandlifestyle.com]
Sent: Saturday, November 02, 2013 8:51 PM
To: P***** H***** (PH*****@G*****H*****.com); P***** H***** (bureau@G*****H*****.com); N******* H***** (NH*****@G*****H*****.com); G*** F******* (G***@ariesdevelopmentgroup.com); D***** B***** Esq. (D*****B*****@mac.com)
Cc: D***** N**** (DN****@G*****H*****.com)
Subject: Verification of Facts


TO: P***** H*****, N******* H*****, J**** G*****, G*** F*******, M******** F*****, and D***** B*****.

Good evening.

I direct your attention to information contained in the attached manuscript titled “The H***** Group Lair of Mortgage Fraud.”

The information is of significant public interest and, therefore, is slated for worldwide publication.

Please review the information and — if any statements therein are contrary to the truth — identify such specific statements and bring them to my attention forthwith; otherwise, we consider all statements to be confirmed by you as being true and correct.

I also welcome your comments (which you may also publish on the Internet while visiting www.GrandLifestyle.com) and request an interview.

Thank you for giving this matter your prompt attention

Bring Truth To Light
What you need to know is here. What you know, please share with

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From: Heinz Dinter, PhD [mailto:Heinz@HeinzDinter.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2013 3:28 PM
To: P***** H***** (PH*****@G*****H*****.com); P***** H***** (bureau@G*****H*****.com); N******* H***** (NH*****@G*****H*****.com); G*** F******* (G***@ariesdevelopmentgroup.com); D***** B***** Esq. (D*****B*****@mac.com)
Cc: D***** N**** (DN****@G*****H*****.com)
Subject: Verification of Facts


TO: P***** H*****, N******* H*****, J**** G*****, G*** F*******, M******** F*****, and D***** B*****

Good afternoon.

I direct your attention to the two documents attached hereto, (1) the 6-page correspondence dated November 15, 2013 and addressed to Mr. Michael B. Steinbach, Special Agent in Charge, FBI, Miami Division and (2) the 51-page manuscript labeled ms-Fraud.

Please review the contents of both documents and — if any statements therein are contrary to the truth — identify such specific statements and bring them to my attention forthwith; otherwise, I consider all statements to be confirmed by you as being true and correct.

Both, the correspondence and the manuscript, are slated for submission to Mr. Steinbach on November 15, 2013 subject to any corrections.

Heinz Dinter, PhD Editor & Publisher
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